A Program of Life Changing Services

Through inspiration-led coaching, you can remember the spirit God gave you and find confidence and courage in any storm!

Do you feel caught in a storm you have no idea how to handle?

You thought you had checked all the boxes.

But your child is making choices you never could have imagined, against everything you taught him/her. 

And it’s breaking your heart.

Things are not turning out how you envisioned they would.

You feel like you failed and are not a good parent.

You focus on your mistakes and think if you had done something different, things would be better.

You notice you are having trouble managing yourself emotionally and are in survival mode every day.

 You are losing your faith and confidence.

I know what you are feeling, because I have been there.

Let me help you find the calm in your storm, meet you right where you are and give you a safe space to be heard and to heal.

I will show you how to feel peace and confidence again.

There is a miracle in every mess!

Let's find it together!

Karen Broadhead

Hi, I'm Karen!
Inspiration-based coach

I assist struggling mothers to find the Savior, feel His influence in the midst of chaos, and find greater peace and joy in their lives.

I’ll never forget the day I realized my precious son was caught in the trap of pornography.

I felt powerless, afraid, helpless, overwhelmed, angry, ashamed, hurt, heartbroken and lost — all at the same time! I knew I had to DO SOMETHING!

Once I felt strong enough to move forward, and inspired by what my son was learning in the Sons of Helaman program, I asked Maurice Harker, the director of Life Changing Services, if I could start a program for parents supporting a son or daughter in the common and often deep struggles of our day.

Using my various professional experiences, degree in Recreation Therapy and love for people, I had been working with families in need for years. But now it was personal. I wanted to specifically help others who were feeling and struggling like I was.

In 2009, Mothers Who Know was born, and I had found my passion.

Since then, I have supported and worked with hundreds of mothers experiencing trauma from their children’s choices. As I learned from them, other therapists, and the Spirit, I developed principles, tools and trainings to bring hope and healing to mothers in pain.

I share a lot of these principles in my book Momma Trauma as well as in Mom Power Training, and on the Mothers Who Know and Like Dragons Did They Fight podcast channels.

Yet I recognize that sometimes, mothers need more than a book, podcast or class. They need individual or small group coaching.

I invite all moms to take one purposeful step at a time away from darkness and hurt towards light and hope. 

Karen Broadhead with her daughters and granddaughters
At the end of one of my classes that Karen leads, her assistant posted the link to schedule a free 30 minute one-on-one with Karen….I remember writing [the appointment] in pencil and was certain it would get cancelled, but deep down I was counting on it more than I knew….I was so nervous I almost didn’t show. I felt ridiculous and even embarrassed. It took fervent tenacity and extra courage to click the link when it was time. I was TERRIFIED she was going to tell me how far behind I was and how much I had to learn.
Karen is a gifted listener. She had been observing me and my diligent and messy participation [in class]. She had prayed for me before the meeting and was ready with the Spirit. Her kindness and compassion hugged me like an old friend. I was at ease in seconds.

When I finally let myself breathe, I felt like I had found a lost friend. I had listened to her interact with so many women who had MUCH better things to say than I could ever contribute, and here she was helping me like I was an equal. Her one-on-one pep talk helped me see that I could heal if I kept trying.

She immediately helped me get control of my story and [gave me] tools to manage the very anxiety that almost made me miss the meeting. Her spirit enabling wisdom and grace helped me find confidence to face the adversary and his lies. She created a safety net of encouragement for me to be real and flawed, yet somehow healing and growing. I left that meeting knowing that I was loved and worth her time.

I knew that she was rooting for me and dedicated to helping me right there in my raw effort. My story was still mine and I struggled to reveal it. She never pushed and carefully coaxed me with my own signs of strength and understanding of the spirit. She celebrated my truth and my fragile field with love and encouragement. I was able use the lessons from the class and her coaching to “own my field” and shift the way I deal with my day to day. I love the way she honors EACH person individually and constantly encourages each one of us to speak and find truth….
Maranda from Oregon
Single Mother of 2 (ages 10 and 8)

Support. Connection. Training. Hope.

Let's work together

A safe Place to talk about the hard stuff

Individual coaching sessions and packages available. Discount for those in a group program (TEAM or Eternal Warriors).

All coaching is done through an online zoom room so we can meet where ever you live.

$49/mo subscription. Cancel at any time.

Wednesdays, 12-1:30pm MT or Thursdays 5-6:30pm MT

Investment: $25/week or $85/month* (cancel anytime)

*plus one-time registration fee of $50 (for workbook and online modules) 

Join our waiting list and we will let you know when the next class is starting. Signing up for the waiting list doesn’t commit you to join, its just a way we can let you know when the next class is open.

Please email me at motherswhoknow@lifechangingservices.org to request a speaking engagement, either in-person or online.


Words from those who have worked with me

"I have talked with a few different counselors over the years...and none of them even come close to the inspired guidance that Karen has given me!! The Spirit is so strong and she really knows how to listen and help you discover incredible insights about yourself and your situations! "Life changing" definitely describes coaching with Karen!!"
image of Jennifer
"I'm a pretty upbeat person. I love life, the Savior, and learning new things. Every one has challenging moments from time to time. I'm grateful that Karen offers her gifts of listening with love and counseling in wisdom with the Spirit. She has helped me tremendously in my life!"
I first met with Karen at a dark time of my life. By applying the tools she taught I was able to re-discover my confidence and voice. It was a huge relief as I felt the heavy darkness lift from me!! I was so happy about the positive changes in my life that I asked Karen to jump on the trampoline and scream with me!. (It all happened over Zoom!) It has been a blessing to be coached by Karen. She has a passion for helping women and a gift for helping them see the good in themselves.
Allyson Review for Karen Broadhead
"Karen is a genuinely caring and empathetic counselor. Working with her one on one, I had one of my most important and empowering breakthroughs. She helped me see myself and my challenges in a whole new light and gave me tools to move forward through my challenges in positive ways."
Taunna picture
“My first meeting with you was last week. Yesterday I felt like it didn't matter who I talked to, or what I did, what I said and did was wrong. I felt like I curled up prayed and protected myself as best I could, because I didn't know what to do. Today, with all your strategies...I am feeling like maybe next time I can help situations instead of curl up."
photo of Linda

Eternal Warriors For Moms

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There is Only One

A Special Video Series for Mothers

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