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Warrior Mothers Who Know: Where you don't have to carry your biggest mother heartaches alone

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Stand in Your Truth

turn your feelings of hurt and worry
into purpose and hope

Q&A with a trained specialist every 1st and 3rd Tuesday

All meetings are recorded. For those not able or ready to attend live, listen to past recordings.

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)

Devastated, overwhelmed, hurt, angry, confused and worried?

All at the same time!

You just found out your son or daughter has an addiction to pornography, and you are in tears. Your child is in chains with a gaping wound like you have never seen before and you have no frame of reference or training on how to handle this. 

You need help! You need answers! 

You need to know what to do to help your fallen child. Everything in you wants to run for help, but you can’t. Where would you go?

Your child has the kind of addiction that a mother must hide in order to protect him from even more danger and pain. If anyone were to find out your child was addicted to pornography, it would ruin him and affect his future. 

If anyone knew your child had an addiction to pornography, what would they think of you and your parenting?  

No one can find out.

So, even though you feel like a death has taken place and you are in such great trauma, you have to show up in your life like nothing is happening at your house. 

You are feeling like you can hardly breathe with the weight of this shaming secret your son or daughter has kept from you, and now you must also carry it.

You are isolated and alone.

Meetings are recorded so if you are not able to attend live, you can listen at a later time. Link to past recordings.

Warrior Mothers Who Know serves families who face battles with pornography addiction and other therapeutic challenges. 

This online support group helps mothers stand strong in the face of adversity and learn ways to support their children.

Realize YOU are ENOUGH and MORE!

Gather with other mothers who have gone through the same things, who have really been where you are and understand your heartache.

You are definitely NOT ALONE in this journey and you CAN find peace, even in the storm you feel right now. 

Join Karen Broadhead and mothers from all over the country as you support each other, gain valuable tools, and learn to “Stay by the Tree” as you fight WITH and FOR the Savior.

(Training based on values and principles taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

Passcode (if asked): MWK

Or join by phone: (646) 568-7788 Meeting ID: 287 887 446

Support. Connection. Training. Hope.

What Real Moms Have Said...

if you are struggling...this is the place for you!

With God Nothing is Impossible: There's so much I would love to share with mothers. It's been about seven years since I learned about my sons' involvement in pornography, and there were some very rough days in those years. The thing I want most to say is there IS hope. You can hope for days when your heart doesn't ache all day, wondering if your son will be okay. There were days when I woke up so angry at satan that I could have sworn. I was SO angry that he had attacked my pure, sweet boys. I was SO angry that he had destroyed my husband and my marriage. But you need to know that I am at peace now. I have truth. I have tools. I know who and why I am fighting....
Thank you Karen and Mothers Who Know for helping me!"
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Warrior Mother
A Mother Who Has Been There
"I have seen new mothers that come for the first time that are in the depths of despair and completely embarrassed. Yet, they seem to change in just a few weeks with greater peace and more hope. It is a miracle! Shedding some light on the situation, knowing you are not alone, and having others to talk to about the situation is so liberating."
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A Mother Who Has Been There
"These resources have helped me so much. I feel such a sense of peace when I am involved in [Mothers Who Know]. Sometimes with the busy summer, I wouldn’t listen to the recordings as much (I haven’t gotten up the nerve to join live yet - I’m a little camera shy) and I could feel my anxiety levels rise. When I listen to other mothers talk about their struggles, I realize I am not alone. When I hear generals talk about their success stories, it gives me hope. When I hear Maurice & Karen answer questions about how the program works, it helps me to understand how Satan works in our lives and how to fight my own battles.

Using these resources has helped me to help my son. I realized he needs me to be his mom, not his clinician. I know I could easily have drowned in sorrow and guilt. I am so grateful these resources exist, they have given me peace and hope in the power of the Savior and His Atonement and the power we have to change and fight our battles."
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A New Warrior Mother
A Mom Getting Stronger Daily
It is always a strength to meet with other mothers. I learn from their wisdom, struggles, and faith as they are trying their best to raise their children. I feel less alone in my struggles when I hear other mothers share honestly and openly about what they are learning and going through.
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A Warrior Mother
"[My son and I] have grown really close through this tough experience, and we are able to talk about a lot of things that we would never have been able to, if we had not gone through this experience.

I am amazed at how Heavenly Father can take the most terrible, heartbreaking, or painful experiences and turn them for our good; whether we bring them on ourselves or not. It is just another testimony of how He is not only all-loving but all-powerful. Nothing is beyond His ability to fix. He will not be stopped or hindered in any way when it comes to loving and helping His children."
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Warrior Mother
A Mother Who Knows
"It is heartbreaking to see one of your children go down a path that brings them so much pain and hurt in their lives. I have felt very embarrassed and often blame myself for what my child is going through. Mothers Who Know has taught me how to fight my fear and embarrassment. I have learned tools to bring peace to my mind. When I listen to other mothers share their experiences with their children, I always get an answer to how I can help my child."
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Warrior Mother
A Mother Who Knows

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