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Turns: A Sacred Place in Life

In all the years I have been working with parents and their children, I am convinced one of the most sacred places in one’s life is when one takes a turn. Especially when that turn is toward healing, hope and acceptance of the Savior.

Elder Christopherson said: “Repentance is a divine gift, and there should be a smile on our faces when we speak of it.  It points us to freedom, confidence, and peace. Rather than interrupting the celebration, the gift of repentance is the cause for true celebration. -D.Todd Christofferson


All healing comes through Christ’s hand and power.  We may have a sideline seat watching a loved one who is wounded.  We are not just spectators, we are the support team for God’s great work in us and for those we love. 

It has been such a beautiful blessing in my life to have the opportunity to be a witness of the sacred nature of the human spirit when God comes in to heal. Even more stunning, is noticing what God will do to meet us RIGHT WHERE WE ARE AT – for as many times as we fall or turn – even if the turning happens in the same area for our whole lives. 

Our problems, performance, results and timing never define our worth or identity. We are God’s children and He will always come get us no matter how lost we feel or how many times we need to turn back to Him.

It is a heart stretching thing to be a mother on God’s support team. Mothers, you are beautiful, called and qualified for it!  Remember you are in good hands. You are on the winning side. You are never alone as you seek to figure out the best way to be the peaceful and purpose-filled influence (atmosphere angel) you were called to be in your home.

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It is a heart stretching thing to be a mother on God’s support team. Remember, you are in good hands!

If ever you need some direction, perspective, or a gentle reminder from a fellow sister who understands your endless efforts and desires, please come to Warrior Mothers Who Know (WMWK) or listen to the recordings.  

If you need more personal support, please set up a complimentary appointment with me to see if a few coaching/mentor appointments might benefit you.

To help moms gain purpose and peace as a mother, join MOM PoWeR, an 8-week webinar for ALL moms. Our next Mom Power class begins August 27th. CLICK HERE to register.

Mothers, we are stronger together in this fight as we remind each other why we are fighting and who we fight for.  No matter how big the storms we face; our ever loving, always caring friend and champion, Jesus Christ, can save us every time we or our loved one falls or turns.

Written by Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services and Founder of Mothers Who Know. All parents are welcome schedule a free 30-minute visit her at HERE.


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