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See Light – Vertical Thinking

The Power of Vertical Thinking

What a beautiful day!

Today I’m noticing how many little things are evidence of the love our Heavenly Parents and our Savior have for us. They created so many things around us to increase our joy—we just need to look and notice!

This morning in our quick family devotional, we talked about things in our life that cause us to feel “Light” (God/our Savior).  

I have a child who will not acknowledge God’s love or assistance right now while they are growing and learning through some stretching things. Another loved one takes an “I choose to live” drive every morning to consider the mountains they are trying to face and to help manage a mental illness. As my loved ones participated and shared what helped them feel light—I was overjoyed at our blessings.  I had my eyes opened just a little bit more too.

This morning as we shared, my loved ones were able to “see” just a tiny sample of some of the blessings they have been given. Many sweet things were mentioned like the love for our dog, loved ones in our life, springtime, a sunrise hitting the beautiful mountain each morning, the smell of my child’s clean, long, beautiful hair (it truly smells amazing every time they wash it!), our safe, nice home and a cool truck that sounds like a seasoned man’s perfect moving machine.

How grateful I am for the Spirit. How grateful I am for how He inspires us to say certain things to people who can’t see God or light because the burdens they carry are consuming their attention.

There is always glimpses of hope, joy, peace and light in the dark storms we face.

We must fight to think vertically, to follow the Spirit and to focus on God’s plan for our success and happiness.  Notice the blessings and light!

Look UP!  

NOTICE what is all around you! Think vertically! See the light in your life!

Fight the distracting and often deceptive pull to think horizontally; focused only on the temporary difficulties of life.

Each week we promise we are willing to “always remember Him”.  Christ knew we would need to fight to notice and remember Him and the light all around us in the storms of our lives. In His love and mercy, His spirit can always be with us.

Christ is here, He is always here!!

Always see the LIGHT in the storm! Look UP!

To see and remember our Savior, we must make great efforts in our mortal weakness to focus vertically on Him and the light and hope He offers. His promise to us is that we may always have His spirit to be with us.  Horizontal thinking blocks our ability to feel His spirit and light and grace offered to us always.

When the pain in the storm dims the light all around me, I am focused horizontally. Vertically, I can hear the little things that whisper; “I am here, the light in your storm, right here.”

Moms, when life gets you down, and you feel you are struggling, notice the light in your life.  Focus vertically and “SEE” everything around you. You will be surprised at the abundance of light and peace you will find.


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