Empower, Enlighten, Energize

Mothers Who Know Spring Retreat

Mothers Who Know Spring Retreat


Friday and Saturday April 28th and 29th
Yes! It's an Overnighter!


Spacious Lodge Nestled in Hobble Creek Canyon - Springville, UT


It's only $279.00 for two Days! Casual overnight included!.

Here's What We Have Planned

Theme – Come as you are and leave empowered, enlightened, and energized. We plan to fill your pockets with practical tips, tools, and truths to help you “let God prevail” in your life.
Inspiring Speakers – Our keynote speakers are Karen Broadhead, founder and director of Mothers Who Know, and Kim Davis, Behavioral Specialist. These dynamic women are in touch with the joys and challenges wives and mothers experience.  Whether your family is “bumping” or “sailing” along, you’ll be inspired and empowered by their messages of HOPE!
Mothers Who Know “Mini’s” – You’ll love these engaging short classes in small groups.  Mothers Who Know “veterans” will be highlighting principles that have been “game changers” for them!  Plan to fill your heart and mind with practical ways to elevate the way you think, feel, and act!
Uplifting Music – Our very own Rachel Lebaron and Veronica Bayly will be joining us! These amazing Mothers Who Know have carefully selected music and messages that will elevate our thoughts and lift our spirits–this is sure to be a highlight of our time together. 
Catered Meals – Delicious catered meals and snacks will be provided. We’ll be serving lunch and dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
Special Connections – We will be connecting outwardly with each other and upwardly with Christ. We’ve designed special opportunities throughout the retreat to strengthen those connections.
Overnight Stay – Yes! Casual overnight options are included.  (Youth Conference style:) Spacious areas are available to bring your own cot/pad and bedding. You could also choose to sleep at home or a hotel. The spacious lodge has 12 restrooms and showers for your comfort and convenience. Don’t worry, these like-minded moms are going to feel like best friends in minutes!
The Lodge –  This majestic lodge is the definition of the word RETREAT!  The spacious kitchen, living rooms, grand room, morning room, 12 restrooms, and indoor gym are perfect for our group. Soak up the breathtaking views, including a pond with swans, during your stay. The lodge is nested in Hobble Creek Canyon, just minutes from Provo, Utah.
When – 8:30am Friday until 5 pm Saturday. Both days will be filled with a variety of ways for you to be EMPOWERED, ENLIGHTENED, and ENERGIZED. We will keep you informed of schedule specifics as we get close.
Can’t you just imagine soaking up the friendship. music, food, and Spirit with your sister, mom, friend? We can too! This is for YOU!


Karen Broadhead

Karen Broadhead

Founder & Director of Mothers Who Know, Parent Support Specialist

Karen Broadhead is an “inspiration led” coach who is certified through Life Changing Services.  She has a down-to-earth approach and finds that loving people in “stretchy places” feeds her soul. Karen will share some of her real life lessons in a spirit of vulnerability and humor, as she ties her lessons learned to her journey towards personal healing through Christ’s friendship.

Karen was inspired to begin Mothers Who Know over a decade ago so that “no mother or grandmother would ever feel alone, unheard, or paralyzed in fear and worry.”

Karen and her husband of twenty-nine years, Kent,  have five children and ten grandchildren. 

Kim Davis

Kim Davis

Behavioral Specialist and coach for the new mentor certification training at Life Changing Services.

  Because her life has been transformed by the principles she teaches, Kim is passionate about sharing what she has learned over the eight years of teaching and mentoring families, couples, and individuals to “clear the smoke” and “stay at a Zero”. Kim is a dynamic presenter who speaks at retreats, church events, family reunions, seminars, conferences and school groups. 

Kim and her late husband, Jay, are parents to eight amazing children, including a special needs daughter.  Kim credits Eternal Warriors for helping them find sanity in family life. It gave them tools to build healthy relationships and emotional mastery.  

As a master teacher, Kim teaches others to apply these powerful principles to fight and win individual and family battles ranging from addiction prevention and recovery to everyday life challenges.  

Group of Women

Mothers Who Know

Engaging short classes in smaller groups highlighting some of our Mother Who Know favorite principles.

Several “veteran” mothers will be sharing powerful principles and personal insights that have changed the tide of the battle in their homes…and in their hearts.

These faith-filled mini classes will fill your pockets with ideas and inspiration from some of our special Mothers Who Know real mamas.

Their hope in sharing from their own lives and experience is to motivate and inspire you as you remember that you are not alone, that through the Savior and His saving grace we can do this. We know we have been saved for such a time as this. We are in this battle together.

Veronica Bayly

Ever since Veronica was a little girl, she wanted to sing, dance and act on the stage.

She attended Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada but felt her purpose lay elsewhere.  

Now as a wife and a mother to 8 children and finding Mothers Who Know, she feels more on the path of finding her purpose that God has planned for her.  

She loves making music videos about Jesus Christ and posting them on YouTube.  

She looks forward to participating at the retreat and sharing her journey with you through song!  
Click here to see her on YouTube.

Rachel LeBaron

Rachel has a passion for life-long learning.  Originally from Washington state and the youngest of 9 children, Rachel was raised in the 90’s by parents that lived through the Great Depression and WWII.  
This gives her a unique perspective on the opportunities, complexities and blessings of life.  
Rachel now lives in Springville, Utah where she is at the tail end of raising her four children, re-focusing on earning a college degree, making music, and crafting her husband’s hopes and dreams into reality.
Rachel’s superpower is the ability to locate anything in her home with the exception of her cell phone and keys.

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