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Messages of Hope

Please enjoy our various podcasts. From trainings with Karen to interviews with other moms and Sons of Helaman graduates, our goal is to bring HOPE and HEALING to families and help mothers FIND PEACE IN THE STORM!  

Our lives are not always perfect, in fact, most are not, but we CAN live an abundant, happy life wherever we currently stand by relying on the Savior.

Eternal Warrior 3.0

156. – Advanced Self Mastery Eternal Warriors 3.0 Training

New Year’s resolutions… falling flat?

Personal commitments… you’re failing to follow through on?

Why do smart and capable people, like you, sometimes struggle to follow through on things that are very important to you?

We know you’ll love this! Maurice Harker director of Life Changing Services will lead a group in their own self mastery.

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There is Only One

A Special Video Series for Mothers

Woman hugging Christ