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Perspective Leads to Success or Failure

I am a Powerful Mother on an adventure.

Let us consider our adventure this week and always.  Perspective leads to success or failure.  Consider this declaration/reason to fight and never give up.

“This is my great adventure! God has a great plan of protection and happiness laid out just for me. Because of Jesus Christ, I will be victorious.”

When we think of life as an adventure, laid out and watched over by our Father in Heaven, we can remember our eternal goals and perspectives.  Because we know that our adventure can be full of unknowns, ups and downs, and blind spots…we are so grateful that Heavenly Father’s plan for our adventure includes guides, safety, rest, education and training. Knowing this adventure is also an open book test and no one ever runs out of chances for do-overs is pretty awesome, right!?

Jesus Christ, our Savior, and Champion makes it possible for us to have guaranteed success on our adventure.  The Holy Ghost is a superpower we are given to be with us at all times.  Heavenly Father’s plan definitely feels like an adventure and most especially a plan of protection and happiness when we consider the loving way he set it up for our success.

John10:10 teaches us that Christ has come to give us life and to give it more abundantly.  So, if we were going to “get a life” it makes sense we would find a great one by following and seeking Him.  This scripture also tells us that satan, the thief, comes only to steal, kill and destroy.

In Mom Power class we learn to:  Maintain an intentional connection to our divine identity.Stand with courage to act in defense/protection for ourselves and our families. Show up as atmosphere angels in our divine purpose to LIVE, LOVE and INFLUENCE in…Motherhood.

We must never forget we are claiming “on purpose” the abundant life our Savior offers us by defending ourselves from the thief who wants to steal our identity and kill our confidence so we don’t show up with power in our divine purpose.

“Nothing is going to happen today that Christ and I can’t handle together.”

Here’s to your Happy, Blessed Adventure!


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