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Parent Training & Resources: support, tools and training materials for parents supporting a child overcoming a pornography challenge

A Place To Start

Things You can do to support your son or daughter

Mom & Dad–we get it.  You just found out your child has a problem, and you need to DO SOMETHING!  You just don’t know where to start. 

This page will provide you with lots of resources–but please do not feel overwhelmed.  Pick ONE thing, start with that. Then move on to the next. 

Just as your child is not going to learn everything overnight, neither will you. 

Embrace the journey. Listen to the Spirit. 

Move forward one day at a time, one step at a time. 

Learn to fight alongside your son or daughter.

Journal your experiences and in a few months look back at everything you have learned and how much you have grown. 

God really can create miracles in every mess. You just have to notice them!

Parent Training Resources

6 Things to get you started

One of the most important things you can do is better understand what your child is going through. Read Like Dragons Did They Fight, learn what is going on his head, and start to learn the terminology he will be using in recovery.

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Listening to these will help you understand the “language” used, psychological elements and principles being taught in the Sons of Helaman and Daughters of Light programs.

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Want to hear what works directly from those that have graduated from Sons of Helaman? Attend a “General’s Panel,” hear success stories, be inspired, and ask your questions. Meetings held online monthly.

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Moms, this is important! You need to take care of yourselves and understand THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! 

Mom Power will give you tools, strength, courage, and understanding. You got this!

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There is something about hearing from other mothers in the same situation, hearing their struggles and successes, and knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE that heals us.

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Sometimes, the best way to feel uplifted, inspired and hopeful is to listen to a really good podcast. Here are our favorite channels:

Mothers Who Know (for moms)

Fathers Who Fight (for dads)

The Eternal Warriors (for boys)

Like Dragons Did They Fight (for all)

Parent Training Videos

Better understand the science behind addiction
and the tactics of the adversary

How do good, smart people slip into pornography addictions?

Parent Orientation

The War Between Remembering and Forgetting

Audio Training

For those who prefer to listen to the training

In case you want more...

Additional Resources

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Family Walking

10 Ways to Support a Child Caught in Pornography

Practical advice from parents who are supporting a loved one.

family enjoying the outdoors

Parent Do's and Don'ts

One of the biggest struggles parents have is how to best support their child. These are some ideas.

children playing

How to Start Conversations about Pornography

Wondering how to talk to your child about pornography? Here are some tips for parents.

Mother with children on ipad

What Should I Do When I See Pornography?

A training video for parents from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


4 Levels of Pornography Use

As you read through the "4 levels of Pornography Use," you can evaluate where a loved one may be.

Momma Trauma book cover

Finding HOPE When Your Child Battles Pornography

One of the very best things mothers can do to help someone struggling with pornography is to read Momma Trauma: Now What?

Understand Pornography Addiction

Like Dragons Did They Fight trains you with a synergy of eternal principles and accurate science for personal self-mastery.

Never a Happier Time book cover

Lessons From the War Chapters of Alma

Discover successful strategies with this comprehensive look at the War Chapters of Alma and how they can apply to our modern-day battles: Never a Happier Time


Spiritual Psychology Masterclass

A Masterclass with trainer Maurice Harker, CMHC, where you learn to harvest vital life-changing psychological concepts from the words of the prophets.

Mom Power Calendar

Mom Power Calendar

The MOM PoWeR Calendar is a training tool designed to help you be a mother who is peaceful, strong and confident in the storms of life.

Truth tool


Are you hearing lies in your head? But thinking you are only hearing "yourself"? Learn to recognize that not every voice in your head is a trusted voice.

Young women with warrior shields, daughters of light

"She Did Stand For Her Life"

The Princess and Her Beautiful Armor, Not Your Ordinary Fairy Tale. The story used in the Daughters of Light.

young woman with shield and sword, warrior woman of god

Warrior Woman of God

The "Warrior Woman Creed" used in the Daughters of Light. A perfect declaration for EVERY woman!


Church Leader Resources

Want to share resources with your bishop? Share our "Church Leader's Page" with him.

There is Only One

A Special Video Series for Mothers

Woman hugging Christ

When the things we care about become messy, we often succumb to fear. At TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), you will experience the spirit that God gave us: love, peace, and a sound mind (2Timothy1:7).