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MOM PoWeR Training

MOM PoWeR Training is for ALL MOMS who desire to stand steadfast and immovable in their desire to support and protect their loved ones.  This online webinar training will increase your confidence and strengthen your resolve to stand in your Divine Purpose as a parent.  You will learn principles and tools to give the strength to find the Savior in any storm.  Your peace will increase as you learn how to notice the Savior’s hand in your life each day.  Join in the 8-week webinar series – MOM PoWeR Training today! Open enrollment once registered, the classes are available online with live mini lessons each week.


If you are supporting a loved one in a Life Changing Services Program, this is the first step to learn the same concepts, tools and ideas your loved one is learning  – except geared specifically toward mothers. Learn to fight the adversary together as a family, to strengthen each other, and to stand strong in supporting your loved one(s). Join the 8-week webinar series with Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist.  The classes are online to take at your own pace, and Karen also offers free live mini-lessons each week on Tuesday mornings at 9am MT.

MOM PoWeR Training presented by Karen Broadhead

Join Karen Broadhead in her 8-week webinar series MOM PoWeR Training and become a more purposeful and powerful mom. Karen is a Family Life and Wellness Coach and creator of Mothers Who Know. She is passionate about teaching women in all seasons of life to stand steadfast and fearless; using their divine gifts to support God’s glorious work. Karen teaches and trains women to use real-life tools and methods to increase confidence, hope, clarity, and peace in their own lives so they can show up with increased capacity and strength to lift and inspire their family.

MOM PoWeR will increase your knowledge and capacity to lead and guide your children, build stronger bonds in your family relationships and increase your ability to center your life in Christ and in your divine mission and purpose.

8 Topics covered over 8 weeks: Come join in the energy and inspiration!

  1. There is Only ONE Enemy. 
  2. Stay In Your Truth. 
  3. Notice, Just Notice. Claim the power you can receive through Christ.
  4. You are a Miracle! Living messy is okay.
  5. “Stay by the Tree.” Own your Field.
  6. “You’re Messing with the Wrong Mom!” 
  7. You are God’s Secret Weapon. You are an Atmosphere Angel.
  8. Isolation vs. People Connections. Step out of your comfort zone and build your faith community – your Mom Power TEAM… Together Everyone Achieves More.

(MOM PoWeR Training is a branch of Mothers Who Know and Life Changing Services.)

The training is open to ALL MOMS who want to learn tools to strengthen their families. Cost is minimal.  Please feel free to invite your friends and family.

This is a safe place for ALL MOMS to learn tools to strengthen their families.


There is Only One

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