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Frequently Asked Questions

Mothers Who Know is a FREE resource for ALL mothers.  

You can just show up! (Mom Power does have a registration so you can access the course modules, but once you register you can just come.)

You do NOT need to have a loved one in a program through Life Changing Services to attend Warrior Mothers or take a Mom Power course.

We get that life can be hard. We get that mothers want what is best for their children, but children often don’t make the best choices. And that can be tough.

We specifically support mothers who have a child with a pornography challenge or other therapeutic need. 

We are here to provide support, training. connection and hope for YOU! To provide you with resources and tools to help you find peace, stand with the Savior, and guide you in supporting your family.

We use principles taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as our foundation.

All are welcome.

Life Changing Services (LCS) is a group of therapists, all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who have dedicated themselves to helping young men, men, young women, and women overcome unwanted sexual behaviors including pornography. The clinicians at Life Changing Services also offer individual counseling including marriage and family counseling. LCS offers various programs and support to provide hope and healing for the entire family. Watch this short video introduction by Maurice Harker as he explains the various programs and how LCS began.


All of the mothers here have had “messes” at their house. We all want to help other mothers in the best way as we have found our own hope and peace. The resources we offer including Warrior Mothers Who Know, Mom Power, Podcasts, Q&A’s with therapists, 5th Sunday presentations, a meeting with a Parent Support Specialist, etc are free of charge.

Other than individual coaching or specialized group coaching programs, mothers who know resources are free for all mothers.

The best thing you can do is fight alongside your child. Find something you want to overcome and work alongside him to do it. Listen to the Parent Trainings and learn all you can, learn the language used in group meetings and ask your son to explain things to you. This reinforces the things he is learning as well.

Register for a Mom Power 8-week training course,  attend Warrior Mothers Who Know support groups or listen to the class recordings. Reach out and ask for help from those you trust, and please feel free to call our office and ask any questions you have.

Read Like Dragons Did They Fight.

Cody Hawes, one of our Sons of Helaman clinicians, had this to say about that question…Listen HERE

So many mothers have been where you are, and we are truly “mothers who know” how you are feeling. We have all been where you are. 

This is some advice from one warrior mother. Be sure to check out our podcasts for interviews with mothers and their advice to others.

Mindy Lundgreen, licensed therapist, talks about how mothers need to listen to their instincts. She teaches us that “sometimes we have to let it go and give it over to God.” 

Mothers also learn in Mom Power that there is “Only One Savior,” and it’s not us. Come to the next Mom Power Training and learn to allow your children to fight their own battles. Our children need to learn to fail and then to get back up again.

Mothers can help teach them to get back up, but we can’t always fight their battles for them.

We are so glad you have found value in Mothers Who Know! That is our ultimate goal–to help support mothers and to give back.

If you have a specific skillset you can see we can use, and you want to volunteer to help, THANK YOU!  Please email us at motherswhoknow@lifechangingservices.org and let us know what you’d like to do or how you can help.

If you are incredibly busy with life right now, but want to donate to Mothers Who Know, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! We have a very small budget mostly made up of donations or sales from our Mom Power Store, and we welcome any and all monetary donations.


There is Only One

A Special Video Series for Mothers

Woman hugging Christ

When the things we care about become messy, we often succumb to fear. At TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), you will experience the spirit that God gave us: love, peace, and a sound mind (2Timothy1:7).