Mothers Who Know: An online gathering place for Latter-day Saint mothers to find support, training and resources from other moms with similar struggles

Support. Connection. Training. Hope.

Life can sometimes be a little "messy"

you are not alone...we get it

Come, link arms with us

And find the Miracle in every Mess

“There are very few programs that help moms with kids going through hard things. Mothers Who Know has supported me and my family through our journey of healing and overcoming difficult challenges. Their support has helped me make it through some very heart-wrenching days.”

“Women really need connection. I can’t believe how convinced I was that being alone in my sadness and confusion was the only option for me.  Since joining with Mothers Who Know, I am so grateful I have a team.”

Feel the Savior’s love for YOU in Warrior Mothers Who Know

“The Truth Tool has been a great help to me.  Now I know how to catch when I am believing lies and what to do about it. Whenever I start feeling like I am in a spin, this is a tool that helps me connect with God and take productive action.”

Even when I am in a low place, it is encouraging to hear women who are further along in understanding how to find peace in the struggle of life.  It gives me hope that I am going to make it and that my efforts to participate in Mothers Who Know each week is worth it.”

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)

Meet the Team

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Karen Broadhead

Karen Broadhead

Founder & Director of Mothers Who Know

Debbie Stransky

Debbie Stransky

MWK Program Project Manager

BJ Hill

Mother Support Specialist


Sabina Jeppson

Mothers Who Know Program Assistant

LuAnn Thaxton

Stay by the Tree Coordinator

April Hiatt

Website Manager

Support. Connection. Training. Hope.

What Real Moms Have Said...

if you are struggling...this is the place for you!

"I just have to say that while you are in the thick of things and feel in a dark tunnel with no light in sight, Mothers Who Know helps you feel not so alone. You can see the light at the end from the other mothers who share their ideas, struggles and wins. It is a lifesaving support while going through trials!"
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A Mother Who Knows
"I appreciate learning tools and ways to help myself fight negative feelings and moods caused by difficult things my children are struggling with. I am learning ways to become stronger spiritually and mentally so I can better support and help my children when they struggle. When I am down and hurting, I am less able to be there for my children. Mothers Who Know has given me many tools to stay in a better place spiritually, mentally, and physically. "
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A mom with a new outlook
A Mother Who Knows
"Carrying one of my biggest mother heartaches alone ended when I found Mothers Who Know.  My feelings of hurt and worry, turned to purpose and hope. Even in the middle of a "mess!"

The big lie: "If I would have done a better job parenting, my kids would not have these challenges" was quickly exposed, and the truth about my sweet influence and important role came to light. My "bumpy best" is totally enough!"
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A Mother Who Knows
Mothers Who Know has blessed me with “tools” and know-how's of what I can do and phrases I can say in my mind to help me in my struggles.
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A Mother Who Knows
“Mothers Who Know saved my life! Knowing that my child has a Savior and I am not Him was such a revelation and took such a weight off my shoulders. I love all my sisters who support each other as we wade through the emotions of supporting someone in addiction. It is the best place to find support and hope!"
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A Mother Who Knows
The women in Mothers Who Know are kind, supportive, and non-judgemental. Being with this group of moms has helped me to feel more confident and trusting. I feel the spirit when I attend classes and groups. This helps strengthen me to know I have a place to join with other moms who know how I feel and where I feel safe to share my thoughts and experiences.
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A Mother Who Knows

There is Only One

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