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"Tips from the Trenches: Finding Hope in the Middle of Hard"

98. “Tips from the Trenches: Finding Hope in the Middle of Hard”

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Jump in the trenches with BJ Hill today!

If you’ve felt overwhelmed, helpless, and like a horrible parent, you’re in good company! BJ’s genuine message is vulnerable, relatable, and hopeful.

You’ll come away with proven tactics and practical tips to help you with your daily battles. As an outreach specialist for Life Changing Services, BJ has provided gentle support and valuable resources to mothers for years.

You’ll be encouraged by her explanation of the “triple A approach”, “baking soda basics”, “ditch false doctrine”, and “taking off the mortal watch”.

BJ encourages listeners to still smile in the mess and is quick to remind us that Christ specializes in broken things.

Jesus Christ and His Gospel bring hope, right in the middle of hard. 


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