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Mental Health Series Episode#1 out of 6-part series. "If your child got a toothache wouldn't you take them to the dentist?" Guest: Maurice Harker

87. Mental Health Series, Episode#1 out of 6-part series.

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Welcome once again to the Mothers Who Know Podcast!

Today your host, Karen Broadhead, the director of Mothers Who Know, interviews Maurice Harker, M.ed.

Maurice discusses the concept of having yearly mental health checkups, just like you do with getting yearly dental checkups (maybe add…. for yourself and all the members of your family).

We worry about what to do when someone we love is in trouble whether it be our spouse, child, sibling, or friend.

Here are the links to evaluation and other resources too:

Questionnaire for a Mental Health Checkup

To see other resources for yourself or your family, please visit Life Changing Services


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