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76. Mom Power LIVE Series – Mother’s Mastermind… Putting it all Together

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In this final episode of our Mom Power LIVE series, Karen shows moms how we can learn from each other and apply the Mom Power principles to daily life.

With the help of a couple of T.E.A.M. members, Karen facilitates a mastermind–where moms ask specific questions and learn from others.

The questions in today’s mastermind included, 1. How do we continue to teach and discipline our children and teach them about agency and consequences without stepping in and controlling everything?

2. How can I best deal with fierce women in my family who do not have the same values that I do and don’t support the way I parent my children? And how can I maintain my own gospel principles and show strength while being a good mom, keeping out the contention, and making sure my own emotions are not triggered from comments by other family members?

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