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Weston Smith

63. “Fight YOUR Fight…and Let Others Fight Theirs” a Stay by the Tree special with guest Weston Smith

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Weston Smith joins Karen and shares his special message to moms.

Wes shares his struggles with pornography addiction and how he overcame it, and the role his mother played in that recovery.

He shares insights specifically for moms and reminds us that we can only fight our own battles, and we have to let others fight theirs.

Wes is very open and honest as he talks about what it means to “Stay by the Tree” and how mothers can support a loved one struggling with addiction.

Wes shares some specific tools everyone can use: the “Notice it, Name it, Flip it, Find it,” tool, using a “Thought Record”, and how to have TED conversations. 

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To hear Wes teach other principles, listen to “The Eternal Warrior Podcast” on your favorite podcast channel.


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