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Teen and YSA Worth

61. Special Episode: Helping Our Daughters Learn Their Divine Worth

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In this special episode, Karen interviews Hali Roderick and Amie Woolsey, both Life Coaches and Mentors.

They teach the TEEN WORTH and WORTH YSA courses to young women and women wanting to gain a stronger sense of their self-worth.  

Some of the things they teach include setting healthy boundaries, writing your own “Bill of Rights”, honoring your emotions, having self-compassion, what healthy intimacy looks like, and what red flags to look for in dating relationships.

Moms, if you have a daughter, you need to listen to this podcast.

For more information about TEEN WORTH or YSA WORTH, visit the WORTH website: and .  To talk with either Hali or Amie, click on their names for their individual website.


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