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Cody Hawes

56. “Wherefore didst thou doubt?” with guest Cody Hawes – a Stay by the Tree series special

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Listen as Cody Hawes, therapist and program director for the Sons of Helaman program talks about ways to turn to the Savior and change our relationship with God through prayer.  He talks about his Warrior Prayer and how that works.

Cody mentioned that the “Warrior Prayer”  totally changed the way he prays.  Here are the steps:
1. Tattle-tale on satan – tell God what is happening in your life and in your brain. What feelings are you having and what thoughts are you having?
2. Expose the adversary and share with God the tactics that are being used against you. Counsel with God and explain what is going on and what the enemy is doing to stop you
3. “The brother of Jared step” – Present your plan
4. Ask Heavenly Father for energy and remembrance to follow through with the plan.

Listen to his presentation for more information and how this applies to YOU.


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