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47. “Encouraging Youth” with guest Shasta Hardee, LMSW, from the Stay by the Tree series.

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In this episode of our “Stay by the Tree: Messages of Hope” series Karen Broadhead hosts guest Shasta Hardee, LMSW. Shasta is a licensed therapist who works with young women specifically.

She talks about ways parents can encourage and empower their children to succeed and thrive. She first discusses several causes of discouragement and ways that parents inadvertently discourage their children. Then Shasta teaches us ways to help and encourage kids and language parents can use that is beneficial.

She also talks about allowing children to fail and having household expectations. This is an information packed podcast. 

For more information about the Daughters of Light program Shasta works with, please visit daughtersoflight.org, or to register for our upcoming Mom Power training.


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