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42. Special Episode: Messages of Hope in a Time of Uncertainty: Special Mom Panel

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Karen interviews a few moms about what life looks like at their house right now.

In the midst of uncertainty, it can sometimes feel like you are the only one struggling. Everyone is adjusting to new norms, life with kids at home, homeschooling, missionaries coming home early, spouses or self out of work because you can’t leave the house, less income, less time, more dishes to do, more laundry, kids going stir-crazy and fighting–we all have some different challenges right now.

Karen and the moms discuss ways to just sit back and “Notice”. To notice the blessings we also have, to notice the hope our prophet has given, and to feel the support from others.

Listen as we try to provide ways to reach out and socialize while “social distancing” and to feel connected to our Savior and others.  

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