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Connecting with Teens in Positive and Uplifting Ways

34. “Connecting with Teens in Positive and Uplifting Ways” with guest Amber Robbins

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Guest Amber Robbins from (@teentake30) talks with Karen about connecting with teens everyday in positive and uplifting ways.

She talks about her “Parent 10 Minute Check-In” that encourages parents to spend time and check-in with their teens daily in 3 easy steps. She also teaches about her “Teen Take 30” program to help teens develop a peaceful mind and happy heart. Amber is open and real with Karen as she shares some of the research she has studied and the very real struggles our teens have today.

She mentions a couple of “must-have” apps she recommends for teens. Join Karen Broadhead as she interviews Amber and learn things in the Spirit that will help you better connect with your teen. For any questions or more information, feel free to email us at info@mompowertraining.com.


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