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24. Finding Hope Amidst Anxiety and Depression with special guest Ally Hayward

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In this special episode guest Ally Hayward opens up about her struggles with anxiety and depression.

After being really sick and not able to figure out why, Ally was diagnosed on her mission with anxiety and depression. As she learned to handle this and find the right medication, she was inspired to come home early and get help from her family and doctors.

Ally is now a mother with beautiful daughters and she talks about how she takes this all on daily and has found hope and strength. Her advice to others trying to support someone with depression is to let them feel, let them run through the emotions, and just be a support.

Those with mental health concerns need understanding and acknowledgement. For more information on Ally, check out her blog at https://silentlysurvivingsouls.com/. If you have a daughter struggling with anxiety or depression or other self-harm issues, please check out our Daughters of Light program. Or for information about Mom Power Training, Click Here


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