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#221. Timely Tech Tips for Parents: Internet and Device Safety with BJ Hill

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Join host Karen Broadhead, Director of Mothers Who Know and Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services, as she engages in a vital discussion with BJ about internet and device safety for families. This episode, “Timely Tech Tips for Parents,” dives deep into practical strategies for managing technology in the home.

BJ shares expert advice on securing your home’s digital borders, implementing slow tech adoption, and designating tech-free times and places. Learn how to conduct meaningful tech talks with your children, provide soft landings when they encounter challenges, and strengthen their personal filters. The conversation also highlights the importance of understanding and reinforcing your child’s personal and spiritual identity.

This episode is perfect for parents seeking to support their children dealing with depression, anxiety, self-harm, and other difficult behaviors. Discover how to create a safe and uplifting environment, connect with your kids through positive tech experiences, and utilize available resources for additional support. Visit MothersWhoKnow.org for more information and join the supportive community of Warrior Mothers Who Know. Don’t miss this essential guide to navigating the digital world with faith and confidence.

For more information and helps please take a look at the many resources we have at our website Mothers Who Know.

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