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Episode 210

#220. Warrior Mothers Who Know: Empowering Families Against Youth Struggles

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Welcome to the “Warrior Mothers Who Know” podcast, where Karen Broadhead, director of Mothers Who Know and Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services, guides parents through the challenges of raising resilient and spiritually grounded youth. This podcast offers vital support, training, and resources for mothers and fathers whose children struggle with issues like depression, anxiety, self-harm, and pornography.
Each episode digs deep into solutions provided by programs such as Sons of Helaman and Daughters of Light, which help youth combat unwanted behaviors and strengthen their spiritual and emotional foundations. Karen also shares her insights on fostering a spirit of belief and the significance of parental involvement in youth recovery and empowerment.

“Warrior Mothers Who Know” is a beacon for any parent seeking effective strategies and hope, reminding us that through the Savior, Jesus Christ, all things are possible. Join us to learn how to support your loved one best and create a nurturing and understanding environment at home. Whether your child is in the Life Changing Services programs or not, this podcast is your gateway to becoming a warrior parent in today’s challenging world.

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