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#219. Empowerment and Healing in Challenging Times

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Join Karen Broadhead, Director of Mothers Who Know and Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services, in this deeply moving episode of the “Mothers Who Know” podcast. Recorded during a Warrior Mothers Who Know meeting, this session delves into the real and raw struggles that mothers face while supporting their children through challenges like depression, anxiety, pornography addiction, and other difficult behaviors.

In this episode, Karen provides a safe space for mothers across the country to share their struggles, seek advice, and find community support.

She emphasizes the importance of remembering and asserting one’s divine identity in the face of adversity. The meeting features profound personal stories from participants, highlighting their journeys of pain, discovery, and resilience. Mothers share their “messes” and seek guidance on how to navigate their unique situations with faith and hope. Karen also offers insights into effective strategies for empowering oneself while supporting loved ones. The discussion underscores the power of community, vulnerability, and spiritual guidance in overcoming personal and familial challenges. Tune into this episode of “Mothers Who Know” for an uplifting and empowering discussion that promises to connect, heal, and inspire. Whether you’re a mother facing similar challenges or someone looking to understand the depth of such experiences, this episode offers valuable perspectives and tools for support.

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