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Rob Ferrell

217. Breaking the Chains: Triumph Over Pornography with Robert Ferrell

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Join us in this enlightening episode of the Mothers Who Know Podcast, where we welcome President Robert Ferrell to share his invaluable insights on overcoming the challenges of pornography. With decades of experience as a YSA Bishop, Stake President and currently as a mission leader, Robert Ferrell brings a compassionate approach to a tough topic, blending gospel principles with practical advice. In this session, titled “Breaking the Chains,” he discusses not only the spiritual implications of pornography but also offers real-life stories of triumph and healing from those who have faced these challenges head-on. President Ferrell’sapproach emphasizes the power of understanding and applying the doctrines of Jesus Christ to personal struggles, offering hope and strategies for anyone looking to break free from the chains of a habit or weakness. Tune in to gain tools and encouragement for handling prevalent issues within the framework of the gospel, and learn why you’re not alone in this journey. This episode is perfect for individuals, family members, and church leaders seeking guidance and strength. Would your son benefit from Sons of Helaman?

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