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Karen Broadhead

#214.Empowering Women of the Latter Days: Finding Strength and Hope in the Savior

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In the third and final episode of the “Stay by the Tree” series, Karen Broadhead, the director of Mothers Who Know, delivers a compelling message of hope and empowerment for women navigating the challenges of today’s world.

This episode, titled “Empowering Women of the Latter Days,” offers profound insights into how struggling mothers can find solace and strength through their relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Karen shares her personal journey of discovering her son’s battle with pornography, which propelled her to establish Mothers Who Know, a support network aimed at helping parents in similar situations.

With a background in recreational therapy, Karen has dedicated her life to guiding mothers toward healing, utilizing principles that anchor them in the light and hope of Jesus Christ.

You will be inspired by Karen’s message that every woman, regardless of the trials faced, has the innate power to step toward a brighter future, firmly holding the Savior’s hand. This episode not only celebrates the resilience and strength of women but also encourages them to recognize their significant role in the eternal plan of happiness.

Find many resources here at Mothers Who Know.

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