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Cody Hawes

#195. Cody Hawes- Discusses Transforming Lives Through the Sons of Helaman Program and Navigating Sexual Self-Mastery with Faith.

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Join Cody Hawes as he delves into the remarkable impact of the Sons of Helaman program, a unique and faith-driven approach to help individuals navigate the challenges of sexual self-mastery.

Our host, Cody, engages in a candid conversation with an experienced leader of the program, shedding light on the dynamic group dynamics and the powerful transformations that participants undergo. Together, they discuss the role of faith, clinical practices, and divine intervention in fostering healthy sexuality within the context of one’s values.

Join us as we explore how Sons of Helaman has created a safe and supportive brotherhood that empowers individuals to harness their passion for productive and positive endeavors.

Discover how this program aligns with Heavenly Fathers  teachings and equips parents with valuable insights for guiding their children towards a fulfilling, faith-based approach to sexuality.

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