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189. Discovering Warrior Chemistry for Self-Mastery and Addiction Recovery

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In this insightful podcast, Maurice Harker, along with a group of young men known as the “Sons of Helaman,” dives into the fascinating world of self-mastery, addiction recovery, and the powerful concept of “warrior chemistry.” The discussion touches on how the principles of athletic psychology can be applied to mastering life’s challenges and temptations. The concept of “warrior chemistry” is explored, which is the transformation from feeling weak and hopeless to heroic and determined, often experienced in critical moments during athletic events. The young men share how they harness this internal sensation to stay focused and achieve peak performance, both in their sports and personal goals. The debate between addiction and intentional habits is addressed, emphasizing the importance of understanding unwanted behaviors within the context of personal values. It’s explained how self-mastery is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as individuals set their own standards and expectations, ultimately defining their own values. The podcast serves as an invitation to explore the principles and concepts offered by the “Like Dragons Did They Fight” book and the self-mastery programs at Life Changing Services. The central theme is that these tools and strategies are freely offered as a means to empower individuals to achieve self-mastery and spiritual growth. The discussion closes with each young man sharing their motivation for fighting against temptation and never giving up, highlighting the strength they draw from their faith, values, and desire to be an example for others. Listen to this inspiring conversation on mastering life’s challenges, harnessing “warrior chemistry,” and the journey to self-mastery.

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