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#187. Finding Stillness and Solitude with My Savior

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In this episode, we join Sharlene as she embarks on a thrilling wilderness adventure in Alaska. Sharlene, filled with gratitude for her companions, shares her personal journey of finding stillness and solitude while navigating the challenges of the wild.
The adventure began with uncertainty as they were dropped off in the middle of nowhere, miles away from their destination, a remote cabin. Sharlene’s faith and trust in her Savior motivated her to keep fighting and pressing forward, even when faced with the unknown.

As they paddled, hiked, and honked their way through the wilderness, Sharlene experienced moments of both fear and awe. The breathtaking beauty of nature and the profound stillness of the remote location allowed her to connect with her Savior on a deeper level.

Sharlene reflects on the value of stillness and solitude, highlighting the importance of taking time away from the busyness of life to find one’s purpose and connect with a higher power. She encourages her listeners to embrace moments of quiet and reflection, allowing space for a deeper connection with their faith.

Join Sharlene on this captivating journey through the wilderness, where the challenges of the wild lead to a profound discovery of stillness, solitude, and a closer connection to her Savior.

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