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Jenn Coleman

#183. Find Yourself Again or For The First Time

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Jenn’s message is loud and clear…you are amazing!! 

She has put in practice the principles and tools in Mothers Who Know by taking the Mom Power training and joining Team Mom Power.

Mom Power offers all the ingredients.

Team Mom Power is the recipe!

You can acquire information and knowledge (ingredients), but understanding how to put it all together (recipe) to create something awesome happens when we practice and find out what that really looks like

Come find out how much your clarity and confidence can increase by  joining Team Mom Power. When you leverage the power of application with a team of safe, caring, Christ Centered women, you won’t need therapy.

You can see yourself and find joy and peace of mind no matter what is happening or not happening in your life, when you crush the isolation you are in and start creating something wonderful with the right recipe.

Believe you are amazing.  If you find yourself forgetting this, Team Mom Power will bring you so much joy!!


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