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18. “I Fight to Show my Family how to find Joy and Peace.”

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In this episode of the “Like Dragons Did They Fight” audio series, Karen interviews warrior mom Julie.

Julie is the wife of a Sons of Helaman clinician and talks about the struggles they had in their own family, even though they “should have known”. Julie’s family has 6 children and their oldest son had several struggles with addictions and other challenges.

She also talks about how they have seen first hand how the gospel of Jesus Christ heals lives and the effect it can have on individuals and families and help a person recover from various addictions. Julie talks about being able to see her son recover, marry an amazing woman and finally be happy.

Then in a tragic accident a few years later, he was killed instantly. Julie talks about how they were supported during that time and the things she has learned since then.

To listen to Karen interview others in this series, check out the podcast channel Like Dragons Did They Fight“.


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