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Maurice Harker

163. “The Antidote is Connection”

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What is the one thing you have wanted to stop doing or start doing?

How does disconnect happen?

Listen as Maurice Harker, CMHC, carefully explains how to create connections in four areas of our lives.Learn how the opposite of addiction is to give and create connections. Understand how to make connections.

You’ll also come away with an understanding of the DPAR system and how it can help you in your self-mastery issues. 

We are grateful for Maurice’s wisdom, his support and service to mothers.

Maurice W. Harker, CMHC, is the originator and Director of ⁠Life Changing Services and the author of ⁠”Like Dragons Did They Fight”⁠ – a synergy of eternal principles and accurate science for personal self-mastery. Resources Shared by Maurice:

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