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145. – Learn from Warriors who have Graduated from the Sons of Helaman Program

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Have you wondered how to support a loved one caught in the trap of pornography?

Step into a General’s Panel Meeting and experience what it’s all about!

This monthly Generals Panel is a hope-filled Q&A that is a perfect opportunity for parents and leaders to discover how to help.

Join with our Sons of Helaman graduates (aka Generals) to find out the best ways to stand with your young man on his road to recovery.

Hear about their personal struggles, their journey, and what things helped them along the way. Learn directly from the young men how you can help your son.

These Generals have acquired the spiritual and personal skills to “fight like dragons” in the battles of our day – we’ve witnessed it!

You too can join our monthly meeting and listen or ask questions.

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  • Sons of Helaman – Program for boys age 13-18 struggling with the trap of pornography.
  • Life Changing Services – Please check out these resources. If you or someone you love is struggling, there is help.
  • Free download – “Like Dragons did They Fight
  • Free download for Women and Moms “Momma Trauma Now What?”
  • Parents or Ecclesiastical leaders who join us at a Generals Panel– (Graduates for Sons of Helaman)
  • Join our FREE Mom Power Training for insight and tools you’ll love to become confident and empowered with the spirit.
  • Warrior Mothers Who Know – is a FREE group that meets every Tuesday at 11 MT and provides women with a safe place to ask questions that might be more sensitive. A therapist joins the group on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.
  • Book a FREE 30-minute visit with Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist. Karen would love to meet you right where you are and give you a safe space to be heard and to help heal.


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