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144. – “There is Hope”

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Is hope possible after finding out my child is caught in pornography?

Join Maurice and Karen as they discuss the Sons of Helaman program for boys age 13 to 18, at Life Changing Services and why this recovery group is different and does restore hope.”

  • Sons of Helaman – Program for boys age 13-18 struggling with the trap of pornography
  • Life Changing Services – Please check out these resources. If you or someone you love is struggling, there is help.
  • Free download – “Like Dragons did They Fight
  • Free download for Women and Moms “Momma Trauma Now What?”
  • Join our FREE Mom Power Training for insight and tools you’ll love to become confident and empowered with the spirit.
  • Warrior Mothers Who Know – is a FREE group that meets every Tuesday at 11 MT and provides women with a safe place to ask questions that might be more sensitive. A therapist joins the group on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.
  • We believe we are stronger as a TEAM. We connect weekly in small collaborative groups and apply Mom Power principles in a powerful way. We are stronger together! We are crushing the enemy of our souls when we defy isolation and power up with like minded, Christ centered women. Your TEAM is waiting for you!!
  • Book a FREE 30-minute visit with Karen Broadhead, Parent Support Specialist. Karen would love to meet you right where you are and give you a safe space to be heard and to help heal.
  • Are you looking for resources for a loved one. We understand that warrior hearted effort. Look for all our programs at Life Changing Services under the groups/workshops and support/training tabs.
  • If you would like personal coaching or group coaching please take a look at our Eternal Warriors Program at Life Changing Services.


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