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Ashly Leavitt Q&A

136. – Ashly Leavitt – “A special Boundaries Q&A”

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We know you’ll enjoy listening to Ashly Leavitt as she answers questions from mothers about Healthy Boundaries.

Let her teach you what’s happening during the in between stages, of what you hear and what is really being said.

She will help you understand what’s happening in your brain when satan is distorting thoughts, and teach a tool that will help us get back to being in the spirit.

Slides that show the Drama Triangle

Slides that include the Four Square listening tool

For more information  on Ashly take a look at her website REJOICE and follow her on Instagram.

She also has a YouTube channel “Chatting with Ashly.

Check out our LDDTF (Like Dragons Did They Fight) podcast channel where Ashley shares her 2-part story. Episodes 119 and 120. 

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