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Roslyn Geertsen SBTT

135. Roslyn Geertsen – “Heartbreak to Healing with Heaven’s Help”

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Roslyn is authentic in sharing her experiences with grief and will have you consider what you might be grieving now.

We all experience grief, whether it’s unrealized expectations, loss of a relationship due to choice or illness and of course death. In Roslyn’s kind way, she explains what grief is and teaches that we must grieve and what we need to do to be willing to do to release that grief.

You’ll learn the benefits of and purpose of crying. Roslyn also shares many tools and resources to help with grief. You will appreciate this spirit-filled, helpful, hopeful message. Through your acts of faith and through the power of our Savior, Jesus Christ, there can be healing to your heartbreak.

*Slides used in presentation

*Roslyn Geertsen’s Handout for Grief Presentation

*Roslyn shows this YouTube video of “Hold On, the Light Will Come” – music by Michael McLean featuring Sean Hyte

*BYU Men’s Chorus – Music Downloads

   *Roslyn refers to a Feelings Wheel Based on Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D

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