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134. – Ashly Leavitt – “Waiting on the Lord: The Sacred Space of Limbo and Sorrow”

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“Waiting on the Lord: The Sacred Space of Limbo and Sorrow”

While the title of her message came quickly to her mind months ago, the actual body of her presentation did not come until a few hours before she presented. In a very real way, Ashly shares her experience and what it means to wait on the Lord.

She talks about the space of limbo and sorrow being a sacred time, just as it was for Joseph Smith, Mary at the tomb, Lehi, and other scripture examples. As Ashly describes her experience at the glass making shop, don’t be surprised if the spirit gives you some insight on your own personal waiting.

We are not alone in our waiting. The space for things working out is not for naught. There is reason and purpose behind it.

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