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118. MWK Mother’s Day, May 2022 Verla – A Mother Who Knows An episode created from snippets of past presentations Verla shared in Mother’s Who Know Meetings from December 2016-September 2018

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This is KC Broadhead, the editor of this and the Like Dragons Did They Fight Podcast. Today, is a Mother’s Day episode.

I wanted to honor both my mother and grandmother. They have always been incredible, stalwart, examples of seeking the spirit and trying your best.

My mom, Karen, has always been there for me through my best times, cheering me on and lifting me higher, and my worst times, when I have had no hope.

I am so grateful for my grandmother who became my companion in physical misery, the person I could relate to, and the person I could think of when I felt at my worst. I love you Mom! I love you Grandma!

I hope you enjoy this Mother’s Day episode!”

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