A Christ-centered team of mothers who provide SUPPORT, CONNECTION, TRAINING, and HOPE when your children battle pornography or other challenging issues

Is your mother heart breaking?

Your son just admitted he has been viewing pornography, for awhile…. and you had no idea?

You thought you had done all the right things and had all the right filters in place, but he still had access to it.

Or you are worried about your teenage daughter. She is uncharacteristically sad, isolating, pushing others away, constantly irritable, engaging in self-harm or acting out in ways unlike her.

Your children are making choices you wish they wouldn’t, and frankly, you have no idea what to do or how to help them.

You are feeling overwhelmed, helpless, frustrated, and like a horrible parent... you should have known something was going on or you should have done something different.

You are desperate for help, but don’t know where to turn.

You are in the right place!

Support. Connection. Training. Hope.

Learn to stand with the Savior

And find the miracle in every mess

Where To Start... 3 Things You Can DO

A FREE online, self-paced course, Mom Power Training is the first step for all mothers.

Learn ways to stand with peace in any storm, find joy in any circumstance, hear truth, fight an adversary determined to destroy your family, and claim your power as a Daughter of God.

When you’re struggling with hard things, the best thing to do is get out of isolation!

Join with other mothers who have truly “been there.” They understand. They get it.

They are “Warrior Mothers Who Know!”

Sometimes you just need someone safe to actually talk to, who is a few years ahead of you, who has gone through the same things and can give you perspective.

Schedule a free 30-minute visit with Karen Broadhead, founder of Mothers Who Know and Parent Support Specialist.

Support. Connection. Training. Hope.


If you are struggling, feeling overwhelmed, and need support from mothers who "get it," we are here for you!

Created by Karen Broadhead, Mothers Who Know is an online gospel-centered community where mothers gather to ask questions, offer support, get free training and learn from each other’s insights.

Our mission is to strengthen every mother who desires to support her children, strengthen her family, and stand strong in facing the opposition of our day.

If you have a child struggling to overcome a pornography challenge or any challenge requiring therapeutic support like anxiety/depression, self-harm, etc, join us and find HOPE.

Learn ways to best support your child and find peace in the storms you face. Learn to better rely on the Savior and His grace in YOUR life.

Learn that you don’t have to do things perfectly, you can live a messy life and still have peace.

We are here to support and strengthen YOU!

Support. Connection. Training. Hope.

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